UnPovit Povit Tables

I took this example from a question I answered on the Microsoft form. The person who posted was having trouble creating a report. This is the data table they were using.

Statement L1Statement L2Order L1Order L2Unique Key
14. Profit before tax14. Profit before tax111
15. CIT15. CIT222
16. Deferred tax16. Deferred tax333
17. Profit after tax17. Profit after tax444
17. Profit after tax% Profit455

You can see that the data is in the form of a pivot table. There are different columns for the same type of data, like the “statement”, so writing any sort of DAX code or using the data in graphics becomes quite complicated. They were writing measures to extract values from the different columns and then trying to use those values in calculations.

Here is the same data “un-povited”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is data_unpovited-1024x599.png

This data is much easier to work with and some of the graphics they were struggling with just “fell out” when you dragged the fields from the new data onto a pivot table graphic.